Farm mapping

GPS-it are New Zealand’s farm mapping experts.

We’ve been mapping farms since 1998 and we use the latest drone (UAV) and aerial mapping technology to produce the most highly accurate farm maps available.


Why you need a GPS-it aerial map

At GPS-it we know farms – we’ve been mapping them and farming them for over 20 years. Our field team all come from farming backgrounds, that’s why we know the key to farm mapping is accuracy.

Greater precision means better decisions and an accurate farm map is the foundation of your entire farming operation. Your map adds value across the whole business, from planning to recording, decision support, compliance, health and safety, bench-marking and more. If the effective area of your farm is out by just 10% it could be costing you hundreds of dollars a day in stocking rates and fertiliser costs.

That 10% is the difference between a satellite map and GPS-it farm map. We don’t use satellite images or Google, we fly each farm individually and capture high definition imagery with an accuracy of 30cm horizontal and 60cm vertical to produce your farm map.

Return on investment
A GPS-it farm map is an investment that provides immediate and long-lasting returns and will improve your farm’s productivity and support the decisions you make in the paddock every day.

So, make sure you’re getting the very best out of your land by calling New Zealand’s farm mapping specialists today on 0800 247 748 or get a quote now.

A GPS-it farm map will help you

  • accurately measure crop planning and budgeting
  • understand effective area
  • work out your costs vs income per hectare
  • record and track fertiliser applications
  • allocate stock rates and plan and record movement
  • estimating fencing costs and plan paddock rotation
  • comply with health and safety regulations and identify hazards
  • feed budgeting
  • give an accurate record for selling or purchasing land
  • assist with day-to-day farm management and help staff and contractors understand farm layout.

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