G1000 upgrade kit for AgHub/FarmWorks platemeters

G1000 upgrade kit for AgHub/FarmWorks platemeters

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Top of the line and fully automated, the G1000 Platemeter is an easy, reliable, and precise tool for measuring pasture growth and health.

Convert your old AgHub/FarmWorks Platemeter into a G1000, download the free app and you're away. 

We combined the best features of the F200, F300, and F400 with the latest GPS technology to create the most cost-effective Bluetooth platemeter available. Every platemeter comes with a free, easy to use app that can be used on both Apple and Android devices.

How to upgrade:

  • Our Platemeters are designed to make it easy to change the counter yourself, feel free to give us a call if you require assistance or follow the how-to video on the 'Guides' tab
  • Send it back to us directly
  • Send it back to us via your nearest FarmSource or Farmlands store

If you choose to send it back to us, we will change the counter, clean, service and calibrate the Platemeter before sending it back to you.

Why upgrade?

The G1000 Bluetooth pasture plate meter provides a cost-effective easy and precise way to measure grass growth and health.

Enjoy the convenience and reassurance of automatic accurate data capture every time, the G1000 is the best way to instantly and accurately assess pasture on a regular basis.

View current and historical data in the paddock no additional software or downloads required.

Share your data quickly and easily by email while still in the paddock.

Reliable trusted and used by the dairy industry for years and proven time and again to be strong, accurate, and dependable.

Comes with a free easy to use App with Bluetooth capability on both Apple and Android devices.


Platemeter Features and Benefits

  • Electronic counter automatically records readings and calculates pasture cover
  • Free app for quick and easy data capture and management on Apple and Android devices
  • Bluetooth enabled - easily connects to the free app
  • Easy to replace parts
  • Precise measurement - the best way to instantly and accurately assess pasture on a regular basis
  • Reliable - used by the dairy industry for years and proven time and again to be strong, accurate and dependable


 App Features and Benefits 

  • Connects quickly and easily with your Platemeter on both Apple and Android devices
  • Quick and easy average coverage metrics per paddock
  • In-app formulas for regional and seasonal variations which significantly add to the accuracy of your measurements
  • Compare walk history for easy comparison to previous months and years
  • Use manually with any Pasturemeter or “eyeometer”
  • Easy viewing shows individual and average readings and reports in real-time
  • Easy data storage of unlimited paddocks
  • Quick and easy sharing of data straight from your phone from the paddock
  • Multiple farm selection for easy management of data
What's in the Box?
1 x G1000 electronic counter
1 x Bracket and screw set
1 x Battery charger
1 x USB cable
1 x Instruction Manual
    Comparison Tables

    Bluetooth Platemeter comparison



    Apple /IOS/App store

    Automatic formula recommendations in-app

    Calculates and displays average cover

    Can use Platemeter without App

    Change in kg DM/ha since previous reading

    Customised formulas

    Display reading on a map in the app

    Display walk history on a map in the app

    Edit previous walk history

    Electronic display of pasture on Platemeter

    Rechargeable battery

    Restore deleted data

    Show farm map

    Specify walk order

    Speech function

    Stores unlimited paddock names

    View and share reports by email (feed wedge and dry matter)

    Platemeters Model Comparison F200 F300 F400 G1000
    Can record covers manually Y Y Y Y
    Display average cover in kgs/ha or lbs/acre Y Y Y Y
    Reset button - at the start of each paddock Y Y Y Y
    Average height Y Y Y Y
    Number of plonks Y Y Y Y
    Customised formulas Y Y Y Y
    Undo feature Y Y Y Y
    Remembers reading if switched off Y Y Y Y
    Beep to show reading is taken Y Y Y Y
    Electronic display Y Y Y Y
    Rechargeable battery Y Y Y Y
    Low battery alarm Y Y Y Y
    Pasture covers software Y Y Y -
    USB download/upload - Y Y -
    Downloads to PPlus and mapping software - Y Y -
    Pre-load paddock walk order numbers - - Y Y
    Previous walk history - - Y Y
    Turn off alter - - Y Y
    Auto zero - - Y Y
    Bluetooth - - - Y

    Automatic formula recommendations and regional 


    - - - Y
    Shows walk and displays reading on farm map - - - Y
    Change in kg DM/ha since the previous reading - - - Y
    Edit previous walk history - - - Y
    Restore deleted data - - - Y



    G1000 full manual (pdf 711kb)

    G1000 quick start manual (pdf 496kb)

    Download the app from

    Platemeter Google App Platemeters Apple App