G200 Manual Platemeter
G200 Manual Platemeter

G200 Manual Platemeter

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The G200 pasture platemeter provides an easy, reliable and precise way to measure grass growth and health.

The Platemeter G200 Electronic Rising Plate Meter replaces the AgHub F200 Platemeter. The G200 provides a simple, yet effective method of measuring pasture cover. Able to operate in all weather conditions the product is cost effective and reliable.


Helps develop a budgeting approach and make better decisions regarding feed, production and use.

Better utilisation of pasture through advanced budgeting

Improvement in actual pasture yield through better placement of fertilisers and controlled grazing.

Option of a comprehensive feed management programme.

Using data collected by the Platemeter as the foundation, Feed Forecaster gives you ability to optimise grazing breaks and rotations based on pre-defined criteria.

Platemeter Features

  • Electronic counter automatically records readings and calculates pasture cover
  • Displays paddock name and paddock size
  • Shows previous walk history and changes in kg DM/ha since previous reading
  • Display average cover in kgs/ha
  • Average height
  • Number of plonks
  • Customisable formula's
  • Undo feature
  • Retained memory
  • Easy to replace parts for when those little accidents happen - meaning reduced downtime and expense
  • Turn off alert and automatic power-off five minutes
  • Rechargeable battery