F300 Platemeter

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For the person who hates to write! The F300 stores up to 100 paddocks in simple format, upload the farm walk directly into P-Plus software via USB. 

The F300 comes with PPlus software to make the best use of the information gathered by the meter. A simple, yet effective method of measuring pasture cover without the need to write anything down. Storing up to 100 paddocks the F300 is a cost-effective and reliable option. 

Features and Benefits

  • Electronic display
  • Beeps when reading is taken 
  • Stores up to 100 paddocks
  • Transfer information via USB cable to PPlus on your PC
  • Rechargeable using a wall plug
  • Includes P-Plus pasture covers software, to ensure you make the best use of the information collected
  • Save the recorded "average height readings' to a specific paddock number
  • Download readings and associate with your paddocks in your walk order (must be pre-defined in your PPlus software)
  • Reset Button 
  • Display average cover in kgs/ha
  • Average height
  • Programmable formula
  • Number of plonks
  • Undo feature

P-Plus Pasture Cover Module

A software program which provides a useful tool for recording and reporting pasture covers obtained by the platemeter

The walk order must be pre-set on the PC software before the fields are measured.

What's in the Box?
1 x F300 electronic rising platemeter
1 x Battery charger
1 x USB cable
1 x P-Plus pasture cover program
1 x Instruction Manual
Compare Models
Platemeters Model Comparison F200 F300 F400 G1000
Can record covers manually Y Y Y Y
Display average cover in kgs/ha or lbs/acre Y Y Y Y
Reset button - at the start of each paddock Y Y Y Y
Average height Y Y Y Y
Number of plonks Y Y Y Y
Customised formulas Y Y Y Y
Undo feature Y Y Y Y
Remembers reading if switched off Y Y Y Y
Beep to show reading is taken Y Y Y Y
Electronic display Y Y Y Y
Rechargeable battery Y Y Y Y
Low battery alarm Y Y Y Y
Pasture covers software Y Y Y -
USB download/upload - Y Y -
Downloads to PPlus and mapping software - Y Y -
Pre-load paddock walk order numbers - - Y Y
Previous walk history - - Y Y
Turn off alter - - Y Y
Auto zero - - Y Y
Bluetooth - - - Y

Automatic formula recommendations and regional 


- - - Y
Shows walk and displays reading on farm map - - - Y
Change in kg DM/ha since the previous reading - - - Y
Edit previous walk history - - - Y
Restore deleted data - - - Y

F200 and F300 platemeter manual (pdf 352kb)

P-Plus user manual (pdf 13.6mb)

Download P-Plus via Sharepoint (exe 26.78mb)  then choose download

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