Common Issues and Troubleshooting


For any issues that require you to send the Platemeter in for repair, please contact us prior to sending it as we may be able to offer troubleshooting assistance over the phone.


There is no visual display

Check Resolution
The unit is switched on Switch the toggle on back of unit
The battery is not flat Recharge the battery
If battery is not holding it's charge Replace the battery
If you just change the battery, you may have damage the battery snap Send in for repair and service



The counter does not 'beep' when taking a reading

If there is no beep this means the counter does not know where the bottom is, therefore does not record the 'plonk'

Check Resolution
The counter can become un-calibrated if it receives a know and the cog jumps a notch on the metal shaft

Follow our Calibration guides.

If the calibration fails to hold then the potentiometer, which the cog drives through the shaft, is probable faulty and requires replacing. This can occur with excessive wear often compounded by dust and dirt entering the dry bearing. You will need to send the counter to Platemeters for service and repair.

Ensure the cog is not slipping on the silver shaft (potentiometer) Replace the potentiometer and cog. Send to Platemeters for repair.
The cog has wound off Replace cog. Buy Now
Potentiometer damaged. The potentioimeter is the silver shaft that drives the cog. Under no circumstances should you apply CRC or light oil to the potentiometer. It is a dry bearing and any lubricant will render it useless. Send to Platemeters for repair and service.
Check the metal shaft is coming right back into the base of the black tube. Ensure there is no grass or soil build-up preventing it from doing so. Also check the large washer at the bottom of the shaft is not catching on the bottom of the plate. Clean the Platemeter and Calibrate 
Check the cog is running smoothly on the shaft. If the counter is mounted too close to the metal shaft there will be quite a lot of friction when taking a reading. If the counter is mounted too far away from the metal shaft; the cog is liable to jump a notch easily. Re-assemble the Platemeter


Cog becoming warn

Check Resolution
Not aligned correctly on the shaft. Re-align the cog or replace the cog. Buy Now

The counter continuously beeps and eventually turns off

Check Resolution
This is normally due to a low battery. The counter requires a given level of power to operate correctly. If the battery doesn't have sufficient power it may continuously beep to warn you. Keep in mind if you turn the counter off for a few minutes it may recover slightly, but the problem will not go away.

Recharge the battery.

Battery may be due for replacement. 

Buy battery for G1000 & F400

Buy battery for F300 & F200

Cog not running freely

Check Resolution
Metal shaft (Grooved Rod) is bent Straighten or replace. Buy Now
Grass or soil build-up inside the black tube. Clean the Platemeter
Flutes on steep shaft (Grooved Rod) have become filled with grass or soil Clean the Platemeter

Counter readings do not seem accurate

Check Resolution
Check the equation being used is correct and the calibration has been correctly set. The counter is like a calculator - it does not give false readings under normal circumstances Follow our Calibration guides.

Battery retainer falling out

Check Resolution
The counter screws have not been tightened sufficiently. Make sure the center screw is re-tightened after the battery is replaced or ensure the battery retainer is properly clicked into place.

Front panel or membrane problems

Check Resolution
Buttons not clicking or activating.

First, check that the Platemeter is calibrated. Follow our Calibration guides.

Membrane may require replacing, send to Platemeters for service and repair.

Common faults and fixes