P-Plus Pasture Software

P-Plus is a software program that records and reports on the data that your platemeter collects.

Reports include pasture covers on date, cover over time, the feed wedge and growth rates etc. The software can be used in conjunction with most pasture measuring devices including manual platemeters.

P-Plus with the Pasture Cover module is free with the purchase of any F200, F300 and F400 platemeter or counter.

P-Plus manual

P-Plus user manual (pdf 13.6mb)

Platemeter software

Use the download link below to install the program and press F11 while in the program for help. Call us on 0800 577 505 if you have any problems with the installation of the P-Plus.

Download P-Plus (30 day trial) via Dropbox (exe 26.78mb)