F400 Platemeter

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Fully automated with customisable paddock names, the F400 Platemeter stores up to 250 paddocks and gives you access to last walk data in the field.

The F400 Electronic Rising Plate Meter provides a simple, yet effective method of measuring pasture cover without the need to write anything down. Able to operate in all weather conditions. The product is cost-effective and reliable.

Features and Benefits

  • Displays paddock name or paddock number, paddock size.
  • Previous walk history, eg last cover, and growth since the last walk
  • Display average cover in kgs/ha Average height
  • Number of "plonks" 
  • Anti Roll, ensures the workers do it correctly
  • Can store 10 Custom formula's
  • Undo Feature
  • Retained memory
  • Beep to prove reading taken
  • USB download directly to P-Plus-Electronic display
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Automatic Turn off
  • P-Plus Pasture covers software
  • Tool-less calibration
  • Breakaway points saving expensive repairs

P-Plus Pasture Cover Module

A software program which provides a useful tool for recording and reporting pasture covers obtained by the platemeter

What's in the Box?
1 x F400 electronic rising platemeter
1 x Battery charger
1 x USB cable
1 x P-Plus pasture cover program
1 x Instruction manual
Compare Models
Platemeters Model Comparison F200 F300 F400 G1000
Can record covers manually Y Y Y Y
Display average cover in kgs/ha or lbs/acre Y Y Y Y
Reset button - at the start of each paddock Y Y Y Y
Average height Y Y Y Y
Number of plonks Y Y Y Y
Customised formulas Y Y Y Y
Undo feature Y Y Y Y
Remembers reading if switched off Y Y Y Y
Beep to show reading is taken Y Y Y Y
Electronic display Y Y Y Y
Rechargeable battery Y Y Y Y
Low battery alarm Y Y Y Y
Pasture covers software Y Y Y -
USB download/upload - Y Y -
Downloads to PPlus and mapping software - Y Y -
Pre-load paddock walk order numbers - - Y Y
Previous walk history - - Y Y
Turn off alter - - Y Y
Auto zero - - Y Y
Bluetooth - - - Y

Automatic formula recommendations and regional 


- - - Y
Shows walk and displays reading on farm map - - - Y
Change in kg DM/ha since the previous reading - - - Y
Edit previous walk history - - - Y
Restore deleted data - - - Y

F400 platemeter manual (pdf 4.55mb)

P-Plus user manual (pdf 13.6mb)

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