The G1000 Platemeter is an easy, reliable and precise tool for measuring pasture growth.

We’ve created the most cost-effective Bluetooth platemeter available on the market today.

Every platemeter comes with a free, easy to use app that can be used on both Apple and Android devices.

Platemeter Features

  • Electronic counter  automatically records readings and calculates pasture cover
  • Free app – for quick and easy data capture and management on Apple and android devices
  • Bluetooth enabled  easily connects to the free app
  • Easy to replace parts – for when those little accidents happen…
  • Precise measurement  the best way to instantly and accurately assess pasture on a regular basis
  • Reliable  used by the dairy industry for years and proven time and again to be strong, accurate and dependable

App Features

  • Free  no ongoing fees or licencing costs
  • Connects quickly and easily   with your Platemeter on both Apple and android devices
  • Quick and easy   average coverage metrics per paddock
  • Compare walk history  for easy comparison to previous months and years
  • Use manually  with any Pasturemeter or “eyeometer”
  • Easy viewing – shows individual and average readings and reports in real-time
  • Easy data storage – of unlimited paddocks
  • Quick and easy sharing of data – straight from your phone from the paddock
  • Multiple farm selection  for easy management of data

Download free app today at:

 Platemeter Google App  Platemeters Apple App