Choose Equipment for Paddock Management and Grass Measuring in Your Grazing Pasture that Works Within Your Needs


Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of raising cattle is carefully managing their access to quality feed. Grazing allows animals to pack on healthy weight naturally, but it does require a keen eye for detail and a dedication to maintaining the right food supplies. Proper rotation and growth management can create peace of mind throughout the seasons.

To accomplish that goal, you need data — and to get that data, you need a reliable way to gather it. At GPS-it, we've brought the next level of technological advancement to the humble platemeter, perhaps the most useful of all pasture measuring equipment. Experience New Zealand's original and most trusted platemeter, now adapted with the latest GPS and mobile device-enabled technology to create a vastly better approach to grass measuring equipment.

Consider some of the most common frustrations you might encounter while trying to gauge the health of a paddock. You could make a mistake in the middle of your walk, forcing you to start over from the beginning. Then you'll have to take the data back to the office to crunch the numbers. It can all be more frustrating than necessary, but a new approach could simplify the entire process for you.


Exploring modern grass management equipment

It all centres around the app we've built to pair with the pasture management equipment you've trusted for years. Thanks to new Bluetooth connectivity, the platemeter can transmit the data it gathers to the app for instant availability. Rather than calculating the formulas yourself, the app will do it for you, and even break down the data you gathered on your walk into metrics that are easy to read and understand.

What if you're responsible for managing multiple dairy farms? Pasture composition varies from region to region, and the elements of the formula used to translate raw measurements into kgDM values must vary in response. Our app, which runs on Android as well as iOS, includes the ability to set up multiple farms within the app, each with their own unique features. Your grass management equipment remains ready for use no matter where you need to go on a given day.

There is no ongoing license fee to use the app — in fact, there are no fees at all. The app is free! In addition to the app, GPS-it offers trusted paddock management equipment at the most affordable price on the market.

Find out more about the new Platemeters today

Though tracking and managing pasture growth and stewarding the feed budget is complex, the right tools can make it much simpler. Explore these products for sale now, or learn about and download our app to explore how it works ahead of time. Prepare your herds for many productive months with accurate, accessible data today.