Making Grass Measuring Easier: 3 Advantages to New Pasture and Paddock Measurements Tools


You can draw a direct line from well-maintained pastures to healthy and heavy cattle. Careful maintenance requires more than just ensuring paddocks have nutritious grazing material available. It also means managing the growth rate, and adjusting where necessary, so your cattle always have prime pasture to use. The effects of overgrazing include both less nutritious feed for the cows and a higher likelihood of damaging the pasture's growth cycle, potentially rendering it unusable for a season.

With all that in mind, it is critical to employ the most reliable paddock measurement tools possible. In the past, this has been a tedious, time-consuming task that has often required more effort than seems necessary. Today, with more precise and powerful technology, our team at GPS-it has been able to transform standard grass measuring tools into a suite of software and hardware ready for the 21st century.


Why choose these paddock measurement tools?

First, this is New Zealand's original and most trusted platemeter — we've just made it better. Already made from high-quality, durable materials, these upgraded platemeters include precision GPS integration for accurate tracking of every paddock walk and each "plonk" of the platemeter. This, plus the addition of Bluetooth connectivity for instant communications, makes it one of the most advanced pasture measurement tools on the market.

Second, our app integration provides instant access to data without unnecessary number-crunching. Adjust the readings taken by the meter based on the specific composition of your pasture, then record data that transfers straight to your iPhone or Android device. This is the only Bluetooth-enabled platemeter on the market with the ability to interface with iOS as well as Android. Once you've got the data, you can view, edit, and even share it with your associates instantly.

Finally, our platemeters are a cost-effective choice. Offered at a more competitive price than the nearest comparable model on the market, this paddock measurement tool provides excellent value for your investment. With proper care, it will continue to function excellently for years, giving you fast access to everything you need to know about the grass growing in your pasture.

Find out what you can achieve with a new platemeter

To learn more about the advantages platemeters can offer, explore the features of our products. Download the app today to kick off the process. Buy the associated equipment you need online and enjoy prompt shipping, so you can return to measuring your pasture and determining the paddock rotation for the season. Questions or concerns you'd like to address before buying? Call us on 0800 577 505 for a friendly chat.