Platemeter overview and comparison

The information below will help you decide what Platemeter will work best for you.

Our electronic rising Platemeters provide an easy, reliable and precise way to measure pasture growth and health. Used by the dairy industry for years and proven time after time to be strong, accurate and dependable.

Platemeter models


This is a great starting model. Results need to be written down after each paddock. Gives dry matter per hectare or average height.  Audio alarm at 30 plonks (samples) will continue to average out any further plonks Buy now...


For the person who hates to write - no more pad and paper. Storage of up to 100 paddocks in simple format. Uploads the farm walk directly into P-Plus software via USB. Buy now...


This fully automated Platemeter has customisable paddock names and stores up to 250 paddocks. Last walk data available in the field. Auto calibration. Upload and download data between the platemeter and P-Plus software via USB. Buy now...

G1000 Bluetooth Platemeter

Top of the line fully automated. Customizable paddock names and stores up to 250 paddocks. Last walk data available in the field. Auto calibration. View and share data on your phone in real time with the app. Buy now...

Model number





Bluetooth capable - - - Y
Easily connect to app via Bluetooth on Android/Google - - - Y
Automatic formula recommendations for seasonal and regional variations - - - Y
Shows walk on farm map - - - Y
Change in kg DM/ha since previous reading - - - Y
Display reading on a map - - - Y
Edit previous walk history - - - Y
Restore deleted data - - - Y
Reset button – at the start of each paddock Y Y Y Y
Pre-load paddock walk order numbers - - Y Y
Previous walk history - - Y Y
Display average cover in kgs/ha or lbs/acre Y Y Y Y
Average height Y Y Y Y
Number of plonks Y Y Y Y
Customised formulas Y Y Y Y
Undo feature Y Y Y Y
Remembers reading if switched off Y Y Y Y
Beep to show reading is taken Y Y Y Y
USB download/upload - Y Y -
Electronic display Y Y Y Y
Rechargeable battery Y Y Y Y
Turn off alert - - Y Y
Low battery alarm Y Y Y Y
Pasture Covers software Y Y Y -
Downloads to P Plus and mapping software - Y Y -
Auto zero - - Y Y
Can record covers manually Y Y Y Y
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